About US

About Us

We are MRV Group, the brothers – brothers founded company, which ultimately became a family business. We are group of like minded family members. We have been working in Rice Mill industry for pretty much our entire lives.

MRV Group was established in the year 1964, MRV Group was not a company it was an idea. with a vision to consolidate the rice industry. In a short span of time we have risen to be one of the leading millers and exporters in the industry. The guided management of our senior founding members along with the dynamics of our second generation family members.

MRV Group has a unique business model, out of the box approach of the management, and the goodwill of the customers which has enabled the company to consolidate on its leadership position.

We are selling  Sona Masuri Rice, Lachkari and RNR Rice in bulk quantities throughout India. We are placed in the best paddy region in Raichur district of Karnataka. We have been the suppliers to all top markets in South/Central India.

Our vision

To preserve and enrich the legacy of Rice in India by ensuring genetic integrity of the seed. We encourage farmers to adopt traditional method like crop rotations, compost / dung fertilizer, natural weed, biological pest control to protect the ecosystem. and we adopt world-class rice processing technologies to emerge as the industry benchmark for product quality and customer service.

Our Presence

MRV Group of Mills are having niche in Rice market for producing finest sortex cleaned rice. We have our presence in market through our brands

  • Sumedha Gold – SSI
  • M R Gold – SPI/SPAA
  • Kushi, Dheeya – SSAT
  • Anmol, Akashganga – SVPI/SAPAT
  • Nisarga – SVAAF

Our Mission

As one of the South India’s  leading Rice millers, we are committed to deliver precision-perfect quality to our customers; nurture a professional work environment, which fosters employee excellence, growth and job satisfaction; and build a financially strong, growth oriented company.

Future Plans

MRV Group endeavours to strengthen its relationship with everyone associated with the company. It has equipped itself with powerful strategies to face any challenge in the future. Our vast network helps the company to acquire superior standards in the global market.

We believe in

"Your customers are our customers; their satisfaction is critical. Every decision we make keeps this in mind" - MRV Group

Being transparent, always approachable, our ethics and taking the stand with whats right has always supported us.