Our Units

Our Units

Srivari Agro Tech

Srivari Agro Tech is one of oldest and reputed companies, found in the year 1964 by Mr. M R Satish, who has an experience of more than 25 years in this field and he is still working with the same amount of  passion.The comprehensive range we offer includes Sona Masoori Rice , HMT Kolam Rice & Lachkari Rice.

Managing Partner:
M R Satish

The rice is demanded for its features like safe consumption, longer shelf life, high nutritional value, purity, delicious taste, soft texture, aroma and hygienic processing.
Sri Vari,  Sumedha Gold and Taste of India are the company’s most selling brands in Maharashtra.
The rice from these brands are of highest quality, which are not only good in terms of flavour but in terms of healthy elements.
All brands of the company are packaged in 25kgs bag.

Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Agro Tech

The company was set up in the year 2007 in Manvi, Karnataka with an aim to provide the best Rice to people. With the passing time, the company became one of the major Rice manufacturers and suppliers in Karnataka. The variety of Rice we deal in, comprises of Sona Masoori Rice ,HMT Kolam Rice & Lachkari Rice.
Managing Partners:
M R Suresh and M R Srikanth

M R Gold Original is our company’s most popular brand in Mysore, Karnataka, which is known for Sona Masoori Raw Rice. It is also supplied to Bangalore.It is Rich in taste and is free from any kind of foreign elements and easy to cook. It is packaged in 25 kgs bag.
M R Bullet is the rice brand which is known for RNR Rice. It is supplied in Mysore, Karnataka and packaged in 25 kgs bag.

Sri Adhiparasakthi Agro Tech

The company was established in the year 2009 in Raichur,Karnataka with the core motive of producing rice of finest quality and purity thereby serving our end user with unmatched taste and ensuring a healthy life.The company offers a wide range of rice.These  include Sona Masoori Rice, HMT Kolam Rice and Lachkari Rice to name a few.

Managing Partners:
M R Krishna and M R Venkatesh

Anmol Rathan is our company’s premium brand which is well known for Sona Masoori Steam Rice.The bags are filled with finest and aromatic grains of steam rice. We supply this brand majorly to Maharashtra and it is packaged in 25kgs Bag.
Akash Ganga and Kavana Gold are top of the class brands of Sona Masoori Raw Rice. They have their own presence in the market. We supply these majorly in Bangalore, Karnataka. These are packaged in 25kgs Bag.
Our brands have got a very attractive and convenient packaging, which is easy to carry for stores and end user.

Sai Sannidhi Agro Tech

We established this company in the year 2011. It is located in Manvi, Karnataka.
We have been engaged in the industry of rice for about 9 years. We sell the best quality varieties of rice to the customers.

Managing Partners :
M R  Ramanjaneya and M R Sham Sunder

The rice is free from lethal and artificial chemicals and allergens, which are added simply to add the flavour.
Dheeya and Kushi are the most selling brands of the company. They comprise of Sona Masoori Steam Rice.They are supplied in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Hyderabad.
Dheeya Bullet and Kushi Bullet are the  rice brands which comprise of RNR Steam rice.
All brands of the company are packaged in 25kgs bag.

Shri  Veer  Anajaneya  Agro Foods

We established this company in the year 2017 in Raichur,Karnataka.And today we have successfully completed 5 years in the rice industry. The company is known for quality and commitment.

Managing Partners :
M R Vasanth and M R Prathik

The rice is known for its various elements like safe usability, long term usability span, and immaculateness, high end wholesome worth, delicate composition, hygienic and smell management and scrumptious flavour.
Yoddha is the company’s popular brand which comprises of Sona Masoori steam rice. It is supplied in Bangalore,Mysore and few desinations in Maharashtra.
S V Bullet is the rice brand containing RNR Steam Rice. It is supplied in Bangalore and Mysore.
Amrita Gold is well known for Sona Masoori Raw Rice and is supplied in Bangalore and Mysore.