1. Precleaning
Cleaning is a material separation process. The objective is to separate undesirable foreign materials from the paddy and leave a cleaned paddy for storage and processing.

2. Pre Steam Drying.
Paddy is Dried to maintain uniform Moisture level before Treating with Steam

3. Steaming
Use of steam for gelatinizing the starch is preferred to other methods of heating as it does not remove any moisture from the rice. Paddy is subjected to steam.

4. Drying
Drying paddy is a process of removing moisture from the grain; it is often called moisture extraction. Drying is required because after Steam Treatment paddy is at a relatively high moisture level—up to 26%—and This is done with artificially heated air.

5. Halting
Paddy is Stored in Storage bins for about 24 hours, to reduce to stress on the grains